Local Gardens

As one of our chosen charities, the National Garden Scheme aim to open up outstandingly beautiful private rolex yacht master 44mm 116681 78211 herren silberton weises zifferblatt gardens to the public, while raising money for charities in the process.

A bit about the NGS

The NGS has a rare and simple fundraising and grant-making model. Funds are raised annually by visitors paying to attend open gardens and to enjoy home-made teas or buying plants. The totals raised dictate the amounts that are donated annually within a twelve month period. Currently the NGS's target is for 80p of every £1 raised at gardens to be donated to the annual beneficiaries. In the great majority of cases the owners of gardens donate the total amounts raised at their open days, only very occasionally are minimal expenses deducted. Their generosity is responsible for the millions of pounds that the charity is able to donate every year. Since its foundation, the National Gardens Scheme has donated over £45 million to nominated beneficiaries, of which nearly £23 million has been donated within the last ten years. Our continuing support means that for most of our beneficiaries we are the largest cumulative donor in their histories.